Hospital nutrition

Nutritional management of the pediatric burn patient is of critical importance throughout the length of the child’s hospitalization; a burn patient’s nutritional needs greatly exceed those of an unburned child. Our goal is to provide specific nutrients to promote wound healing, preserve lean muscle, enhance immune function, and protect patients from complications throughout the hospitalization. The cutting edge nutritional support provided by Shriners Hospitals for Children — Cincinnati is based on the hospital’s extensive evidenced-based research.

Each patient is assessed by the clinical nutrition team and is provided with an individualized nutrition program to promote good health and wound management. A room service menu is provided to give the child numerous food options and freedom to eat when they feel best. Clinical nutrition personnel guide the family in food selections to choose the best foods for their nutritional plan of care.

In cases where a patient cannot consume an oral diet because of the critical nature of their illness, a specialized food product is given via a feeding tube. Shriners Hospitals for Children — Cincinnati tube feeding product is designed specifically for burn and wound treatment, developed through extensive research conducted over the course of many years at the hospital. The nutrients in the product are formulated according to the unique nutritional needs of each patient as determined by the nationally recognized clinical nutrition team.

Consultations and support for cleft lip and cleft palate disorders, elective reconstructive surgeries, and other nutritional issues that present on an outpatient basis are available from our clinical nutrition team.

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