Our child life program

Child life is part of the interdisciplinary approach to children’s health care that takes into account the needs of the “whole child.” The program is based upon a wide range of research and experience especially adapted to the pediatric health care setting, with particular attention to the psychosocial needs of the child and family.

Child life specialists are available to provide parent education on topics such as play, toy safety, and normal growth and development. Parents are also helped to understand the emotional impact of burns and hospitalization on the children’s behavior.

Play and recreational opportunities are provided to optimize the adjustment and normal development of infants, children, and adolescents. Play is the “work” of childhood and means by which children continue to learn and develop new skills. Maintaining and increasing the child’s developmentally appropriate skills plays an important part in the child’s successful rehabilitation after the burn injury.

Child life specialists are members of the health care team and participate in patient assessments, patient care meetings, medical rounds, and hospital wide committees concerned with total patient and family-centered care. Child life assessments and care plans are charted in the patient medical record.


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