Max’s story

When Max was born on September 22, 2012, Becky remembers seeing the faces of the delivery staff and knew something wasn’t right. Then she heard the doctor say, “Baby boy has a cleft lip.” After that everything was so rushed; they had to transfer him to another Florida hospital more equipped to handle his serious condition.

Becky and her husband, Hunter, spent time learning about cleft lip and palate while Max was in the hospital; when he came home later that month, they educated friends and family about his condition.

In February of 2013, Max had surgery to correct his cleft lip. Though the surgery went well, “the stress and financial burden it placed on our family made our anxiety even worse,” Becky said. They joined a support group to stay educated and make friends who understood what they were going through. It was there where they learned about Shriners Hospital for Children — Cincinnati.

Shortly after reaching out to Cincinnati Shriners Hospital, Becky received a call back and felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders. “They told me what Shriners does and how they can help our family,” Becky recalled. From the moment she and Max arrived for their first appointment at Cincinnati Shriners Hospital, Becky knew this was where they belonged. “It didn’t feel like we were just being cycled through a system,” she said. “Everyone was great, from security to the doctors, nurses and even the cafeteria staff.”

They met with Dr. Brian Pan, who created a plan for Max’s continued care, including surgery to repair his cleft palate. Becky immediately knew she could trust him. “During this process we’ve met a lot of doctors,” she said. “Dr. Pan is the most genuine and caring doctor we have encountered.”

Max will continue to visit Cincinnati Shriners Hospital for treatment as he grows. “The care that they provide at Shriners Hospital for Children – Cincinnati is fantastic, for Max and all the children. It’s just an amazing organization.”

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